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About Melrose Arch

Melrose Arch is an upmarket suburb of Johannesburg that has rapidly developed over the past decade. Melrose Arch is a popular location for high-end AAA-grade office spaces, top-notch retail stores and restaurants, as well as trendy apartments due to its safe, pedestrian friendly environment. If you are in need of prime commercial property or retail property, look no further than Melrose Arch.

Melrose Arch is one of the original South African developments that embraced the mixed-use development trend. In the broadest sense, the concept aims to closely link people to their work, residence, shopping and leisure activities, offering a high convenience factor as road congestion in the country mounts.

Melrose Arch is an urban combination of residential, commercial, retail and leisure spaces. The developers’ contemporary vision has been materialised – to create a pedestrian-friendly environment with open spaces, public squares, side-walk cafés and tree-lined streets within which staff, a resident or visitor can work, live and play. Another factor that makes Melrose Arch an ideal location to house a business is its location and accessibility. It’s accessible from the De Villiers Graaff Motorway and Corlett Drive.