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Shared Work Space

Co-Working Space

Why Co-Working?

With the shift in demand for more flexible office space, we decided to partner with the biggest Co-Working providers in South Africa to provide the best options for our clients.

We have seen how flexibility in lease agreements gives the occupier the ability to move quickly according to changing business conditions, the freedom to expand or contract at their own pace, which is priceless in today’s evolving market, and access to ideas sharing in a cohesive environment.

Another significant factor to consider is the cost of setting up office infrastructure. Choosing a Co-Workspace takes care of the upfront cost allowing you to appropriate capital into your business.

Why Galetti?

We know that there is a lot to consider when choosing the perfect Co-Working space and a significant variety of options, because of this we have developed a data base that covers the whole South African market to simplify the research process for you.

We are able to filter through location, size requirement, terms and rates to match your specific business and cultural needs. With our deep understanding of the market and our established relationships with the best spaces in the country, we are able to negotiate the best terms for your Co-Working agreement.

Why choose flexibility?

Every business evolves over time and so should your space without the hassle of moving or being locked into long term contracts.

With the choice of hot desks, dedicated desks, small, medium or larger office space on daily, weekly, monthly and annual contracts, we’re able to perfectly match what you are looking for anywhere in South Africa.

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Connect with us today and better position your business for years to come.