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Corporate Real Estate Leasing

Corporate Real Estate Leasing

With a national footprint and global presence, our team of leasing specialist focus on office, retail and industrial properties. We have access to over 75 000 property listings across South Africa and our teams are equipped to guide you towards making the best property decisions for your business.

For most companies, the cost of leasing is the second largest expense in their profit and loss statement and where you are located can have a significant impact on efficiency, productivity, corporate image, and attraction of top talent to your business.

Using real-time data and in depth market knowledge, we are able to locate the best space and represent you by negotiating the best lease terms to ensure your business is positioned to run as successfully and efficiently as possible.

An experienced representative will save a company 4-5 times the cost of their fee (typically paid by the landlord). Skilled negotiation ability, detailed research, and knowledge of the market and its owners allow us to help you by concluding your lease while you focus on your day-to-day business.

Tenant Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning

  • Location Analysis

  • Renewals & Relocations

  • Subleasing

  • Lease Surrender

  • Lease Re-Gear and Restructuring

  • Space Audit

  • Development Advisory

  • Financial Analysis

  • Research and Market Analysis

  • Rental Rate & Tenant Improvement Allowance Negotiations

Process Overview

For all of our tenants who are looking to compare staying in their existing space or relocating to a new building, we will walk you through the following necessary steps:

  • Understanding your requirement

  • Compiling a Long list of available property

  • Property Tours / Site Selection

  • Space Planning

  • Finalising Offer to Lease

  • Financial Modelling

  • Lease Negotiation

  • Handover

Connect with us today and better position your business for years to come.