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Corporate Real Estate Sales

Corporate Real Estate Sales

Corporate Real Estate doesn’t often change hands and comparable sales are hard to establish. Our team of sales focussed consultants are well equipped with actual market data and recent activity in all areas throughout the country.

Our systems connect directly to the registrar and we are able to geo-locate any sale having taking place as well as identify both parties transacting, giving us a heat map of activity throughout the major metropoles.

We have concluded a number of landmark sales since we started the business in 2006 which positions us as the most qualified corporate real estate consultants to represent you in selling your property.

We have also represented multi nationals in acquiring property in South Africa in an advisory capacity which has proven a successful formula for purchasers that aren’t familiar with the process or alternatively entering South Africa as a foreign entity.

Asset Sale services

Investment Sales

We transact nationally and globally for institutional and investor clients. Through unparalleled access to capital and local market knowledge, the Galetti team provides individualized marketing strategies for every asset designed to maximize value for the seller.

Sealed Bid Auctions

In addition to traditional investment sales, we transact for our clients on a sealed bid basis creating the perfect environment to create price discovery and efficiently and effectively dispose of assets on the sellers terms.

Acquisition Advisory

Galetti provides our clients with acquisition advisory services both directly and through its affiliate relationships. Asset identification, market research, and contract negotiations are provided in-house to achieve pre-determined outcomes for the purchaser.

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